PR CRM for public relations


Saving time, money and frustration

Pragmatist is the best solution around for Public Relations professionals looking to free themselves from the prisons cells of spreadsheets (see what we did there?).

But it’s not as expensive as you’d think – especially when you think about how much time your team wastes on faffing around with spreadsheet media lists and working in silos.

Your time = money. And that's why you should be thinking about how to get more value from the data you already. Or give us a call, we've already thought about this - a lot! We're PR people ourselves and have spent over two years refining how to make PR workflow as slick and as valuable as possible.


Pragmatist Pricing

Additional customisations can be added to fit your particular organisation’s terminology, processes and ways of working.

Pragmatist PR CRM bronze solution


£30 pu/pm

Basic read functionality for contacts, accounts, media lists, press releases, pitch and coverage records.

Pragmatist PR CRM silver solution


£55 pu/pm

Read and write functionality for contacts, accounts, press releases, media lists and coverage records.

Pragmatist PR CRM gold solution


£85 pu/pm

Everything in 'Silver', plus Dashboards, advanced media list functionality, automated pitch records creation and assignment to other users.

PR campaign automation

Campaign Automation

£520 a month for unlimited users

With Pragmatist’s Campaign Automation feature (powered by ClickDimensions), not only can you see which Journalists are opening your emails and viewing your assets, you can automate triggers and actions based upon how Journalists interact with your press releases.

For example, if a Journalist opens an email but doesn’t click the desired link or landing pages, Pragmatist can automatically create a task to follow up or send an additional email or a number of possibilities to do most of the heavy lifting involved in the PR process.

  • 240,000 emails per year
  • Unlimited Users
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Intelligence
  • Journalist Scoring
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Social Discovery
  • Web Forms
  • Campaign Automation
  • Subscription Management
  • SMS
  • Landing Pages
  • Surveys
  • Event Integrations

Start your pragmatic approach to PR and become a spreadsheet slayer today!