Microsoft Dynamics cloud PR CRM solution


Break free from the prison cells of spreadsheet media lists.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics, Pragmatist seamlessly integrates with technologies you already know and love, such as Outlook and Word (but not Excel, obviously…).

Our clients can manage everything from contacts, projects and press releases; to notes and coverage reports. All safely stored in Microsoft’s cloud.

We liberate PR teams from the shackles of internal servers, out of date media-lists and multiple spreadsheets. This gives them the freedom to work however they like, wherever they like, across multiple devices.

Solving PR workflow problems


We focus on solving PR workflow problems, so you don’t have to.

We’re not just a tech company - we’re PR people too. So we make sure our clients know that we're in this together.

We can empathise with the admin pains many PR teams face. So much so, we dedicate the time to get to know our clients and their businesses; meeting regularly to ensure our CRM is delivering maximum value and ROI.

From setup, to installation, customisation and training - we do it all. So our clients can focus on what really matters.

Customisable cloud PR CRM solution


With our cloud CRM solution, the sky is the limit (yeah that’s right, we said it!).

Pragmatist can be customised in an infinite number of ways. This means it can scale and evolve with your organisation as it grows.

Pragmatist can fit your team's preferences and processes, rather than the other way around. As you refine and develop the way you work, it does too.

No-one else can offer this long-term value, making Pragmatist the best PR CRM for not just improving PR workflow, but adding demonstrable value to your team and wider organisation.


We provide seamless communications, at the click of a button.

Pragmatist helps PR professionals increase productivity with communications that are fused together using Pragmatist Cloud Voice.

By using seamless click-to-dial integration with Cloud Voice - Skype for Business, users are prompted to record notes for all of their conversations with media, clients and other stakeholders - saving them time and frustration. 

This allows your team to focus on pitching stories to media, selling their amazing ideas to clients and being more profitable - freeing themselves from the pains of manual data and spreadsheets.

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Start your pragmatic approach to PR and become a spreadsheet slayer today!