What is Pragmatist?

Our mission is to eliminate the scourge of spreadsheet media lists from the PR industry. For good. By taking the pragmatic approach to PR, our customers can focus on what really matters - selling ideas, stories and thinking of creative ways to generate coverage (and revenue!).

Take a look at Pragmatist in action and see how we can benefit your business…

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Manage contacts, projects, press releases and solve PR workflow problems


Frustrated by spreadsheet media lists and sell-in reports? You’re not alone…

Every PR has experienced the agony of Excel (especially our founders!). Too many PRs are suffering in silence from not having a collaborative, unifying system to manage press contacts, press releases and sell-in notes. 

It seemed no-one had come up with a pragmatic solution to managing PR workflow. Until now...

How does it work?
Save time, money and frustration and avoid PR problems


Is your PR team wasting too much time on spreadsheets?

The more time your PR team spends on media list and sell-in admin, the less time they have to generate coverage, look for innovative news angles, find new clients and ultimately grow your business.

The pragmatic approach to PR is all about using CRM technology to make life easier by letting our solution do the stuff that everybody hates! And it's cheaper than you'd think.

How much does it cost?

Start your pragmatic approach to PR and become a spreadsheet slayer today!

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